What board games to play at home and Have fun this Christmas ?

Enjoy Christmastime Together with Socially Distant Games

The best board games to have at home also offer friends and family the chance to enjoy safely distanced time spent together this Christmas season. Just a slight adjustment to your approach to these wonderful board games is all it takes, to host a fun and exciting board game gathering with your loved ones. Just One is a popular word-guessing game that is a doddle to play safely. Each player takes a few word cards, a board and a pen. Have a blast writing your hints and throwing out guesses from a safe distance. As long as you use large letters when you write, you’re good to go! Mysterium is another one of those wonderful board games to play with friends at home when the weather’s cold. This whodunnit game has a seriously fun and spooky twist. Work together with your friends to help a ghost solve his own murder! Since the plot revolves around mediums communicating with a ghost, it makes sense to have the person playing the ghost move the game pieces.

Discover the Thrill of Exciting Board Games to Play at Home

Add even more joy to the Christmas season with a collection of good family board games to play at home. Relax and enjoy some excitement together whilst staying socially distanced at the same time. It’s possible with this fun line-up of games! You don’t have to physically sit with your teammate to play Time’s Up! That makes this quick-fire guess-the-name game a great choice for 2020. You also have the option to pick teams so that people in the same bubble can share cards. The suspenseful game of Unlock! also enables you and your board game crew to claim a bit of victory over 2020 by safely enjoying a great board game gathering together. For much of 2020, we haven’t been allowed in the same room… The irony of including an escape-room-style game on the list isn’t lost on us! Enjoy the excitement, teamwork, and fun of solving the puzzles in Unlock!, without getting too close to one another. Also among great board games to play at home this Christmas season, is Concept. Although not an obvious choice due to the many game pieces, there is a safer way to play Concept… Choose one person to touch the board and pieces! Everyone else can take guesses and make connections and deductions in the usual way. Much like Concept, you will find that Codenames is a blast to play at a distance as well. To dive into this game of secret identities, pick one person from each bubble to touch their own game pieces, and jump into the fun of a holiday board game night together. Luckily, the words and pictures are in a large-enough font to avoid having to huddle.

Amp Up the Christmas Festivities Via Video Chat

Celebrate with one another even when you’re apart this Christmas, with fun board games to play at home, that can be played via video chat! With simple changes to the way you play, you can also enjoy Just One and Time’s Up on a video chat. To find out how, visit Connect & Play via Explore some other titles you can play whilst away from your nearest and dearest during the holidays, such as Dobble. This symbol-finding game for nimble-minded people also works online! Discover how to play this twin-it-to-win-it card game even if your video friends don’t have the game… Click the Dobble link at Connect & Play. With the popular game Dixit, you’ll be challenged to unlock your devices… Then the story! Dixit fans enjoy playing this game of imagination online. To play Dixit remotely, every group on the call needs to have a copy. Find out more via Connect & Play. Does your crew feel like solving some mysteries this Christmas? Check out Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective and help Holmes from the comfort of your homes! Already have a copy of this cooperative game? If so, up to 8 people or groups can help the master detective solve dastardly crimes. Download the case files, follow the leads, gather the clues, and solve the riddles. Learn more at Connect & Play. If you want to enjoy a fun board-game or two this Christmas, pick up one of these titles – and make the most of the season. Above all, of course, be sure to keep a safe distance, wash your hands, and share the pudding!