What are the best family board games of all time?

Family Game Night

A great family board games list for game night would undoubtedly include fun family board games for all ages. Give younger children ages 7 and older the chance to test their reflexes and quick timing abilities with either the Bananagrams (UK) game or the Spot It! game. The youngsters will love playing Bananagrams (UK), where they race to build words from letter tiles the fastest, and be crowned the “Top Banana”! With an average duration of 15 minutes per game, this is a cool game that keeps children’s attention. It’s portable in its own, fun pouch in the shape of a banana, with no extra game pieces other than letter tiles, so children will enjoy toting this popular family board game wherever they go.

Spot It! challenges the entire family by testing who can match the symbols on both cards the fastest. This is a cool family board game that’s easy to bring along in its small container, and always a fun test of speed for the whole family, especially the youngsters. No setup required, this game is quick and exciting! It only takes about 15 minutes to play one round, so this is a great family game that you can even bring out to play while dinner’s in the oven, or just before bedtime.

Concept is another wonderful family board game for players age 10 and older, that plays in about 40 minutes. In this quick-witted game for 4 to 12 players, opposing teams race to guess the words by looking at tokens placed on icons shown on a board. It’s a race to make sense of the icons and guess the concept…and the word! The Concept game really is a cool family board game that also challenges your creative thinking!

Check out Takenoko, the family board game that challenges you to tend to a plot of bamboo, and also take care of a Giant Panda by being the first to find matching symbols. Will you be able to grow and maintain enough bamboo while also feeding enough of the juicy plant to the hungry Giant Panda? The Takenoko board game tests your reflexes and also provides five different mini-games to enjoy together. Created for players age 8 and older, and for 2 to 4 players, this game of matching takes around 45 minutes to play.

Strategy Board Games for The Whole Family

A spectacular board game to play with family, is the Small World board game. This game challenges your family members’ strategic abilities with an exciting game of conquest, where players compete to take over a world that’s too small to support its inhabitants. Invade, conquer and take over a territory, and push other races of wizards, giants, orcs and others off the face of the planet! Players age 8 and older will have a blast playing this board game made both for kids and adults, with an average play duration of 60 minutes.

Don’t miss out on another suspenseful game for family members 8 years and older…Pandemic! In this wildly popular family board game of strategy, players actually play on teams and work together to eradicate multiple pandemics spreading around the world. Play duration is around 30 minutes, and the Pandemic game is designed for players 8 years and older. This is another one of those intense and fun family board games that are perfect for family game nights.

Great Family Board Games for Adventure and Exploration

Consider board games for family game night that send your loved ones on adventurous, imaginary world trips! Ticket to Ride and Catan board games both allow you to escape to another land while you play. For players 8 years and older, Ticket to Ride is a wonderfully imaginative game of exploration. In this family friendly board game, 2 to 5 players collect train cards in order to claim train routes across North America, and attempt to connect cities across the continent. Points are earned based on the length of the train routes, pushing players to construct the longest railway of all. This game takes around 45 minutes to play.

Also, within the adventure realm, is the famous Catan board game. This game was created for 3 to 4 players, age 10 and older and takes about 90 minutes to play, so it’s easy to make this game the focal point of your family game night! This is one of those cool family board games that encourages strategic and tactical thinking. You’re a settler who’s headed out to tame the wild island of Catan, which changes every time you play, thanks to its random mix of island features.

Popular Family Board Games with Mystery and Suspense

Some of the best board games to play as a family include two especially suspenseful games: Codenames and Mysterium. The codenames game was created for 2 to 8 players, age 14 and older, and plays quickly, in just around 15 minutes. In this suspenseful word game that’s also great for parties, players compete between two spymasters who must help their teams identify their own 25 secret agents! Starting with only code names for each agent, teams must work together to decipher one-word clues in order to unveil the agents’ identities, all-the-while avoiding a dangerous assassin.

Let’s also consider Mysterium, a spooky board game perfect for a fun family game night, which takes around 45 minutes to play, and is designed for players age 10 and older. Set in Scotland, the Mysterium board game is a feast for the imagination, presenting a ghostly murder mystery that must be solved. One player gets to play the role of the ghost, while the others play the role of the mediums who help the ghost reveal the answers to this old, unsolved murder mystery. This game is recommended for groups of 5 or 6 players and usually takes around 45 minutes to play.