What are popular board games you absolutely must have?

The Must-Haves of Popular Board Games

Popular board games that deliver the experience we all seek when we open that box and gather around the table together, are like gems in a treasure chest. What are the qualities of those board games that stand apart from the others, and bring players a higher level of fun, excitement and satisfaction? Undoubtedly, players must be drawn to the game over and over again, experiencing new twists and turns each time they play. Great board games must also appeal to everyone in the family, and offer a great mix of long and short-term goals. Don’t forget the importance of high-quality visuals, whether via creative game pieces or beautiful artwork. When you come across a popular board game that possesses all of these qualities, consider it as one of those games you absolutely must have!

Bring Drama to Game Night With Pandemic and Small World

Take game night to new levels of suspense with games like Pandemic and Small World. Both of these award-winning, popular board games give adults and kids the chance to play take part in the fun. In the Pandemic board game, you and your cohorts act as a team of cooperating specialists who must stop the global spread of disease. It’s a race against time, as your team strategises to save the planet from major disease outbreaks. This game takes teamwork seriously! Each player has an important role on the team of specialists, and must coordinate efforts in order to have a chance of getting ahead of the outbreaks, before all of mankind is wiped out. This is a wonderful cooperative game with a visually exciting game board. Created for 2 to 4 players, with a duration of 45 minutes, this is definitely a must-have!

Small World is one of those riveting popular board games that keeps players coming back for more. In this imaginative game of strategy, created for 2-5 players age 8 and older, players compete to claim their territory in a world that’s too small to accommodate all of its inhabitants, which include the likes of wizards, giants, orcs, demons and some humans! It’s a suspenseful challenge to stake your territory and expand your empire to the point where you push your neighbors off the face of the planet! Small World takes around 60 minutes to play, making it a perfect centerpiece for your friends and family game night.

Adrenaline-Pumping Popular Board Games

The best popular board games bring an element of speedy competition to the game table. Get your adrenaline pumping with Time’s Up! and Spot It! (the exclamation points are there for a good reason) – two games that test players’ reflexes and quick thinking. Whether you’re hosting a game night for a small or large group, Time’s Up! is a game you absolutely must have, created for 4-18 players, 12 years and older. Your game night crew will be splitting their sides with laughter as they attempt to give clues to their teammates, to guess a certain historical or fictional character…and they only have 30 seconds to do it! If hilarious memories are a must-have for your friends and family game night, then Time’s Up! is a must-have for your board game collection.

Can you Spot It! first? Bring out this fast-paced, super simple card game, and enjoy the race against your worthy opponents. You won’t believe how simple yet fun Spot It! is. With a few rounds lasting around 15 minutes, Spot It! is a must-have for those moments when you and the family have a few spare minutes to enjoy. This lively and fun match-up game created for 2-8 players, age 7 and older, consists of 55 cards, each with 8 images. Flip the cards over two at a time and race to be the first one to spot the matching image between the cards and call it out! You’ll be amazed at how much fun such a small and simple game brings to you within just a few minutes.

Head to New Places With Ticket to Ride and Splendor!

Popular board games have the ability to transport players to another world. Feel like taking a ride on a railcar? Ticket to Ride is an epic game you absolutely must have, with its beautiful design, simple play and replayability. In this world-renowned game, players travel via railcar from city to city across 20th century North America. Through a strategic play of cards (and a bit of luck), players compete to build the longest railway lines, connecting iconic cities across the continent. Ticket to Ride is designed for 2–5 players, age 8 years and older. With an average play duration of 45 minutes, you’ll happily spend that time connecting with family and friends, as well as connecting cities!

Travel to the time of the Renaissance, with Splendor, the popular board game that takes place in the long-past era. Players act as wealthy merchants of the Renaissance times, competing to build their trading networks and increase their social status. The ultimate goal is to collect precious gems, appeal to the Nobles, and acquire the most Prestige Points. Splendor is created for 2-4 players, age 10 and older, with a play duration of around 30 minutes. Splendor’s beautifully illustrated game cards and creative development will keep players engaged the entire game.

Strategy Games You Absolutely Must Have

Among the most popular board games around, are Carcassonne and 7 Wonders. You absolutely must have these two games in your collection, if you want to guarantee that fun and imaginative competition will be part of your game night gathering. In Carcassonne, players imagine themselves in the setting of medieval France, as they compete to build up areas around the town of Carcassonne. In this award-winning game made for 2-5 players, age 8 and older, players are challenged to settle the area around the medieval town by claiming monasteries, roads and fields. The player who most successfully strategises their way through the medieval French landscape wins the game!

7 Wonders is an absolute must-have board game that transports players to an ancient world, where they journey through three ages of ancient civilization, whilst leading their own cities to greatness. Players must build, conquer, and outsmart their opponents in order to lead their own ancient city to absolute supremacy. 7 Wonders is created for 3-7 players, age 10 and older, and takes around 30 minutes to play. Challenge yourself to build a lasting empire that spans three eras as you put your strategic thinking to the test. Will you succeed in this wonderous challenge? You’ll be called upon to collect and use resources, build lasting edifices and exercise military strength, to ensure the fortitude of your ancient city.

Make room in your game cupboard for these board games that you absolutely must have…you never know when you’ll want to bring them out for a memorable and fun-filled game night!