What are party board games for a successful evening?

Make Party Board Games a Part of Your Evening

Party board games have the unmatched ability to add depth and an element of adventure to any fun-loving group gathering. Make tonight a successful evening by bringing out some of the most favoured games around! The list of incredible board games in this collection is robust, but let’s take a look at several that provide an entire range of experiences for you and your crew. Perhaps the first challenge of the evening is to make the tough decision of which adventure to jump into first. It may come down to drawing straws, or a spar of Rochambeau to choose! Seeing as every game in this lineup is a true gem, any game you select won’t let you down, so get ready to embark upon an evening full of fun and excitement!

Find Mystery and Intrigue With These Party Board Games

Seeking perhaps a little dose of spooky mystery tonight? Well, look no further than right here. Mysterium and The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow will deliver just that! There’s no way to talk down the amped up level of suspense brought by both of these amazing party board games. Created for players age 10 and older, Mysterium sends 2-7 players to the heart of Scotland. Here, they act as mediums who communicate with a ghost, and help the man living in a haunted house investigate a mysterious century-old murder that took place there.

Keep the spooky suspense going by jumping into the world of a sleepy village being tormented by killer werewolves, with The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. Each player draws a card to find out which character they’ll play – the Witch, the Sheriff, a Villager, a Werewolf, and so on. It’s then up to the players to accuse the player whom they suspect is the Werewolf! This morbid mystery must be solved quickly, before even more of the villagers are picked off at nighttime by the attacking werewolves! This is a game that can easily entertain the big game night parties, as it’s created for 8-18 players, age 8 and older.

Fun Board Games With Stories to Tell

A successful evening gathering often includes exciting board games that get everyone working together. There’s something special about relying on your teammates’ intellect and gaming skills to reach victory! One of the most exciting cooperative games around is Unlock! Heroic Adventures. Created for up to 6 players, age 10 and older, this incredible story-driven board game sends you to an escape room-like setting, where your entire group must work together to solve riddles and follow clues to overcome obstacles. With a play duration of 75 minutes, Unlock! makes a wonderful option as the main board game focus of the night.

Dixit is another great story-driven board, that invites players to create sentences based on beautifully illustrated cards. The game plays in around 30 minutes, during which each player takes turns choosing one card in their hand (that no one sees), and creating a story sentence inspired by the image on the card. Next, every player plays one of their own cards and all are revealed. The challenge is to guess which of those cards was the inspiration behind the sentence. Designed for 3-6 players, age 8 and older, Dixit is a party board game that’s great for the imagination, and for generating wonderful times together.

Turn Up the Heat with These Fast-Paced Games

Fast-paced party board games bring excitement to a successful evening with friends and family, by keeping everyone on their toes. Get ready for tons of laughter and probably some fun-humoured yelling under pressure, during a fun round of Time’s Up! Created for 4-18 players age 12 and up, Time’s Up! is a hilarious game that splits players into teams that must work together to give clues in order to guess the names of either fictional or historical characters. The caveat is that you only have 30 seconds to guess! Hilarity ensues as the clues get shorter and shorter, and teams get more and more desperate!

The exciting game of Exploding Kittens will keep the game night crew riveted with its nail-biting play. Do you like kittens, laser beams and goats? Then you’ll like this game! Exploding Kittens is a highly-strategic but easily played card game, where players flip cards from the draw pile, each time hoping not to get the Exploding Kitten card, which results in your untimely kitty demise. Different cards allow for you to strategize your way through the kitten minefield to hopefully end up being the one player who doesn’t get blown up! This game is made for 2-5 players age 7 and older, so it’s great for a successful evening game night for family or friends.

Head to Jamaica With this Adventurous Board Game!

Jamaica is calling you for an action-packed adventure! Pack your pirate bags, hop aboard your ship, and set sail for an epic race against your opponents around the island nation of Jamaica. Sail through the high seas and seek out as many spoils as you can along the way…the winner is determined by which ship has the most gold and is closest to the finish line at the end. This is a tactical game that will surely get everyone jabbering to their mates like ye pirates! Designed for 2-6 players, age 8 and older, the Jamaica board game provides the perfect mental getaway mixed with the suspense of a pirate race to the finish line.

A successful evening with friends and family may have many different looks. Without a doubt, adding high-quality and exciting party board games to the mix is a wonderful way to create a fun evening together that will create loads of laughter and great memories. Gather your favourite people, set the best board games out on the table, and decide which adventure you’ll all jump into first!