What are fun board games to play with friends?

Fun board games deliver entertainment directly to your sitting room, bringing an essential part of a memorable game night with friends. Why not invite your good friends to pop over for some genuine laughter, competition, and classic memories in the making? The funniest board games of all time will undoubtedly give everyone a chance to let off steam after a week of work or school, and give your brains a refreshing break from the norm.

Get Ready for Some Fast-Paced and Fun Board Games

Now that your crew is committed to a night of game time fun, you may be wondering what are some truly fun board games to play. If the party includes both children and adults, start things off with a burst of energizing and fast-paced fun with Jungle Speed! This dexterity game will send you into the rainforest for some seriously speedy competition, where you race to be the first one to spot the matches between two cards, and grab the totem! Jungle Speed is perfect for a mixed-age crowd as it’s intended for players age 7 and older. With its quick play time of just 10 minutes, it’ll keep everyone riveted.

Just say the name of the game alone…Exploding Kittens…and you’ll want to find out what it’s all about! One of the most popular fun new board games out there, this hilarious card game keeps players engaged and highly entertained as they take turns flipping cards and hoping not to get the Exploding Kitten! Although the game is for 2-5 players age 7 years and older and can be enjoyed by the whole family, this is also a fantastic grown-up party game. With a play duration of just 15 minutes, it packs a ton of fun and strategy into a short timeframe, leaving plenty of time to play again, or to bring out the next board game in the lineup.

Truly Funny Board Games for Game Night Hilarity

The best funny board games out there are those that make us clutch our sides as they ache from laughter. Telestrations is, without a doubt, one of those games. In this circus of illustrations made for 4-8 players, age 12 and older, you draw what you see and then guess the drawing, and then draw your guess…and so on! Telestrations challenges players to roll the die to determine which Telestrations word they must draw on their sketchpads. When the time’s up, all players (or shall we say “talented artists”, ahem!) pass their sketchpads to their neighbour, hence receiving another sketchpad from their neighbour on the other side. The challenge next is to guess what your neighbour has drawn, and make a sketch of your guess! The cycle continues on, generating countless laughs along the way as the illustrations generally devolve into hilarious interpretations of the original words. Grab the tissues because this one game that may draw some tears of laughter from the gang.

Simply Fun Board Games With Strategy and Intrigue

Speaking of gangs…your game night posse will want to explore the intrigue and suspense of Gang of Four, a fun board game that plays strongly on strategic thinking and tactical moves. This type of game brings a whole new meaning to the word “fun” for game night, as the fun is derived from immersing yourselves in the backstreets of Hong Kong, and fighting to survive by playing your cards right! Highly strategic and easy to learn, Gang of Four is made for 3-4 players age 8 years and older, and plays for around 40 minutes. The player who gets rid of their cards first rises to power. Yet, one strategic mistake could leave you fighting for survival!

The best fun board game collections definitely include games that can handle entertaining large game night parties. The Werewolves of Millers Hollow is your key to keeping the entire group riveted and on the edge of their seats. In Werewolves, the sleepy town of Millers Hollow is tormented by werewolves who are selectively picking off villagers at night, one at a time. Each person in the group selects a secret role within the town, such as a Villager, the Sheriff, the Witch and even the Werewolves. Throughout the game, suspicions abound and accusations fly, as to who are the evil werewolves killing the villagers at night! The Werewolves of Millers Hollow is created for 8-18 players age 8 and up, and with no setup required, it’s a simple way to bring a huge amount of fun to a big game night crowd.

Be sure to also check out Codenames, and Marvel Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game as well, if you’re looking to expand your collection of seriously engaging and strategic board games. Codenames packs loads of suspense with its mix of spymasters, secret agents and secret codenames! Marvel Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game takes you straight into the Marvel universe where you’ll be immersed in the battle between the Titan Thanos and courageous heroes trying to save the world. Either of these options add not only playful strategy, but also big suspense, to game night.

A Plethora of Fun Board Games for Game Night With Friends

Fun board games for a classic game night with friends often incorporate the element of cooperation and teamwork. In Just One, players work together to discover as many mystery words as they can, using clues given by their teammates. The main challenge is that no clue can be the same as another – they must be unique or they won’t count! Created for 3-7 players age 8 and older, Just One is a great way to have fun and get your minds working. There’s no chance for boredom with this fun word game, with a play duration of just 20 minutes.

Keep your wits about you as game night continues, with a ridiculously fun game of Cortex, the fast-paced game that challenges players to test their brains in 8 different ways. Your goal is to collect all four brain pieces by succeeding in memory, speed and thinking challenges. Talk about having a great time while exercising your brains! Move on to play the original and creative game of Dixit, where you get to guess your friend’s bluff as they tell a story based on beautifully illustrated cards. This is a great game to play with friends and put your intuition to the test!

Regardless of which of these fun board games you choose to play on game night, your friends will delight in the laughter and excitement they bring to the party, and will cherish the lasting memories created. Whether your game night crew is in the mood for hilarity or nail-biting suspense, this collection of simply fun board games has what you need to make the evening a memorable success.