Valentine’s Day: We’re Just Friends! Games for Couples that Aren’t Couples!

Not every pair of people playing games in the lead up to Valentine’s Day is in a romantic relationship. There are friends and housemates, for example. There are single parents with children. There are couples that’ve been married for a few years… So! For those people and more, here’s a list of games that let you create unique moments in pairs of any kind. 


This is a remarkably popular game… And for good reasons. It’s fast moving, keeps you thinking and is easy to play. It also has an intriguing theme: Carcassonne sees you build, change, develop – and move around – a medieval landscape to score points. All this makes Carcassonne ideal if you’re looking for a game with a little more depth.  


You know the old saying, don’t you? “The best nights in are spent watching camel herds”. No? Well, to be fair, it’s not that old. And nor is it a saying. Nevertheless, it might be true if you play Jaipur! Set in India, this fast-moving card game sees you hoping to win favour in the maharaja’s court. How? By buying, trading and selling diamonds, leather, gold and silver… And watching camel herds, of course. 

Ticket to Ride 

With millions sold worldwide, Ticket to Ride is both popular and easy-to-play. 

The blend of luck and strategy perfectly suits two players as you each aim to score the most points. How? By travelling the city while claiming train lines! There are three different moves you can make on each turn. But be careful! You must plan ahead to avoid losing points at the end. 

Unlock! Heroic Adventures 

In a year that saw many of us constantly wanting to get out, it’s no wonder escape-room games became more popular. Among the escape titles we love is Heroic Adventures. This release – the fifth in the popular Unlock! series – features three games. The beauty is they’re all cooperative. In other words, you and your teammate work together, using cards and an app, to solve clues and check codes until – ultimately – you beat the game. After you download the free app, no internet is needed. The Unlock! Heroic Adventures scenarios are: 

Sherlock Holmes : Help the master detective solve a great mystery!  

In Pursuit of the White Rabbit : How will Alice escape Wonderland?  

Insert Coin 

A virtual adventure that sees you beat the levels, and escape a retro arcade world!