Valentine’s Day: I Want to be Alone! One Player Games for February 14th

ALONE is a curious word. Knock the A off the front, you get the word LONE. Knock the L off that, you get ONE. They all mean much the same thing: existing in the singular. And some of us, of course, prefer things that way! So if you’re not making plans with others, here are three games to keep you busy on Valentine’s Day – or, as comedian Jay Leno calls it, “Extortion Day…” 


You know what? There really aren’t many situations in which you CAN’T play Dobble. The twin-it-to-win-it card game even works solo. Here’s how… Take a stop watch and eleven cards, face down in a pile. Now turn the top card face up slightly to one side. When you’re ready, start the stopwatch… And turn over the new top card. Find the match as fast as you can! When you spot it, put that card on the face-up pile – and keep going. How quickly can you get through all ten cards? Once you have the knack, you can use the whole pack! 

Unlock! Heroic Adventures 

Unlike many escape-room-style board games, many of the titles in the Unlock! series have an advantage… You can play them alone – and at least one person on the team here prefers it that way! In Heroic Adventures – the fifth release – there are three adventures. You use cards and an app to solve clues and check codes until you beat the game. You don’t need the internet after you download the free app. The Unlock! Heroic Adventures scenarios are: 

Sherlock Holmes : Team up with the master detective to solve a great mystery… 

In Pursuit of the White Rabbit : Can you help Alice escape Wonderland?  

Insert Coin : Beat the levels and escape the arcade adventure world! 


Patchwork is a wonderfully curious game – and curiously wonderful too! And it turns out a simple tweak to the way you play lets you have a good go at this on your own. Rather than compete with another player to create the best quilt you can try to best yourself! Use randomly drawn tiles to complete your work. 

Patchwork is addictive fun that combines planning with a need for speed as you work to make your quilt. 

One final thought… Keep in mind that some classic games have app versions you can play solo. To name a couple, start by checking out, Pandemic, and Ticket to Ride