Valentine’s Day: Especially for You! Great Games Designed Specifically for Two

As close as two coats of paint. Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Like two peas in a pod… A number of phrases suggest there’s something special about the number two. And on Valentine’s Day, that’s just the way many people prefer it. If you’re among them, and looking for a new game, these titles are designed especially for two, meaning they let you effortlessly create unique moments with your other half. 

7 Wonders Duel 

Specially designed for two, 7 Wonders Duel takes its plot from the original 7 Wonders. Both games invite you to collect cards from three different ‘age’ decks. The cards show ancient civilisations, commercial activity and military conflicts. With every card, you must choose how best to use your resources. The aim? To build the most-wonderful civilisation. The 7 Wonders series is highly awarded and hugely popular, making 7 Wonders Duel great for two.  


A fantastic game for two and one set in a deliciously exotic location. This time, you’re in India, hoping to win favour in the maharaja’s court. How? By buying, trading and selling goods – and keeping an eye on your camel herds, naturally. A fast-moving card game, Jaipur blends luck and tactics and – like many a Valentine’s Day – sees gold, silver and diamonds change hands.  

Rivals for Catan 

Another game-night favourite gets a two-player rework in Rivals for Catan.  

The beautifully balanced dice and card game sees you gain resources and build settlements, cities and roads to found the better settlement. Your opponent, of course, tries to outwit you. A brilliant adaptation that preserves the spirit of the original Catan while refreshing the gameplay. 


And so… To bed! Here’s another one-of-a-kind game for two-of-a-kind people: Patchwork. On your own 9 x 9 board, you and your partner compete to make the highest-scoring, most-beautiful quilt. You can skip a turn to earn more coins, or use your coins to buy and place patches. Patchwork is addictive fun that combines strategy with a need for speed as you work to finish your quilts.