Top adult board games

Bring Out the Top Adult Board Games for Big Kid Game Night

Only the top adult board games can deliver the level of fun and hilarity you seek, for a truly memorable adult game night. It’s been a long and busy week, and now’s the time to let off some steam with your closest friends. At those rare moments when the stars align, and your friends are all available to get together, amazing board games provide a great way to reconnect, laugh, and create wonderful memories. You may even get to know one another better, with tactical and strategy games that often sprinkle in a bit of wit and humour. Get the snacks and beverages out, clear off the sitting room table, and gather around for a fun and memorable grown-up game night! Who said the Big Kids can’t have fun too?

Test Your Teamwork Skills With Unlock! Heroic Adventures

In Unlock! Heroic Adventures, team up with your adult friends to escape from a family room version of an escape room. The crew will have fun cooperating and sharing ideas in order to solve riddles, find clues, and search scenes, to overcome challenges together. Up to 6 players can join in the effort of figuring out how to Unlock! the group from the escape room. With a play duration of around 75 minutes, Unlock! is a great main focus of adult game night…unless the group escapes and is ready for more adventures!

In this case, continue the game night adventures with the epic board game, Settlers of Catan. Venture to an untamed island and race against your rivals to become the most successful settler. One of the top adult board games of all time, the imaginative, strategy-driven Catan game puts you and your opponents in competition against each other to become the first settler to build up settlements, own the longest roads, and amass the biggest armies on the Island of Catan. Allow your minds to be transported to the world of this new island frontier, as you compete for territory and resources. Created for 3-4 players, Settlers of Catan will keep you and your friends riveted for around 90 minutes of play.

Get Spooky on Game Night With These Top Adult Board Games

Take your Big Kid game night posse to some seriously spooky places, with Mysterium and Werewolves! Work together in the imaginative and cooperative game of Mysterium. Taking place in a house in Scotland, players are tasked with communicating with a ghost that has haunted the house for a century, in order to solve a spooky murder mystery. Communicate with the ghost through visions that are represented on illustrated cards, and help the ghost remember how he was murdered. Once the killer is identified, the ghost can finally rest in peace…that is, IF you solve the mystery!

The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is another top adult board game that brings big doses of suspense and spookiness to game night. You may even be able to find out who gets spooked most easily in the group! In Werewolves, you and your friends will travel to a sleepy village plagued by killer werewolves, picking off the villagers one by one, at night! Draw your card to find out if you’ll play the Witch, the Sheriff, a Villager, a Werewolf, and so on. This game of deduction designed for 8-18 players delivers tons of suspense, as players suspect and then accuse the player whom they suspect is the Werewolf! Hurry to solve the mystery quickly before even more of the villagers are killed! This is a game plays in around 60 minutes, and can easily entertain a large group of adults.

Two Classics for Adult Game Night: Ticket to Ride and Pandemic

Pull the classic top adult board games out of the cupboard for a guaranteed amazing game night with your friends. Ticket to Ride and Pandemic bring time-tested adventure to any board game session, both providing wonderful strategy-driven play. In Ticket to Ride, 2-5 friends hop aboard the railcar and head on a journey across 20th century North America. Collect and exchange railcards for colourful railcar pieces, and work to connect iconic cities across the North American landscape. The player to build the longest railway lines wins the game. Be careful, because unfinished railway lines will reduce your points, so plan your strategy well! Ticket to Ride is legendary, and your adult game night will be too, if you add this classic into your board game rotation.

Pandemic is known world-wide as one of the top board games available, partly due to the incredible cooperative play and suspense it delivers. In Pandemic, 2-4 players work together as an elite team of disease specialists trying to stop the global spread of disease. Pandemic has a play duration of around 45 minutes, and is one of the top adult board games to bring out on game night with your grown-up friends. Learn more about each other as you play one of the best cooperative board games out there in a suspenseful setting. Your entire crew of friends will have the chance to work together and feel a true sense of teamwork as you try to save the world!

Shake Off the Work Week With Hint and Just One

Sometimes, okay usually, when you get your friends together for an evening of relaxation and reconnecting, there’s at least one person who could really use some comic relief. The dose of hilarity you need to shake off the work week, can be found with Hint. In Hint, teams work together to guess what their teammate knows by guessing at hints. Hints can be given by humming, miming, talking and drawing, which creates fun competition and loads of laughter, as teams race to guess correctly enough times to make it to the finish square first. Hint plays in around 45 minutes, and is designed for 4-10 players, so it works well for the larger adult game night gatherings too!

Keep the fun going with Just One – another addition to the collection of the best adult board games. Just One challenges you and your teammates to provide unique hints in order to guess as many mystery words as possible, which can include the likes of movie characters and city names. Just One is an amusing game that challenges your brain to work in different ways, helping you break out of the work week grind. Intended for 3-7 players with a play duration of just 20 minutes, Just One leaves plenty of time for more laughter and quality time with friends over yet another fun adult board game!