Ticket to Ride: A Journey For Everyone

The Ticket to Ride games take you on a captivating cross-country railway adventure as you race your family and friends to connect cities around the globe using train lines. 
The series has sold over 10 million copies, and has been showered with dozens of international awards, including a prestigious Spiel Des Jahres, which are only presented to the very best board games on the planet.


Ticket to Ride is as easy to learn as it is delicately nuanced. You’ll pick up the way it’s played in minutes – and find it effortless to introduce anyone else new to the games. What’s more, you can be sure it will appeal to every generation of your family from 8 years and up, thanks in no small part to the universal appeal of trains. The idea of railways that can take you to every corner of the globe is fascinating to players of every kind, and a theme you can enjoy without needing any specialist knowledge. 
Adding to that universal appeal, the series provides a precisely level playing field where fairness comes first; players young and old will all have a good chance to win every time, regardless of their experience. And thanks to the instinctive rules and elegant design, you can be sure every playthrough will be energetic and engrossing. Ticket to Ride has plenty of depth, but it is equally perfect for fun, lively and social gaming sessions that keep things moving forward.


All of that is why Ticket to Ride has been so successful and so celebrated. It is an inclusive, friendly title that brings people together even when they are competing to win, helping shape memories of time spent with the people you love. Ticket to Ride empowers anyone who joins a game to feel creative and develop their own play-style, making it rewarding and enjoyable every time… including when you do not win. 
It also has a knack for close finishes that involve everyone around the table. A session is never over until it’s over, and you simply can’t beat the feeling of leaping from the back of the pack to first place in the closing moments of a game. 
And with the series taking families to almost every part of our planet, Ticket to Ride also helps to engage younger players with understanding the geography and diversity of the world, while helping them locate and identify major countries and cities.


 So, what do you actually do in a game of Ticket to Ride? Across the various games you and your loved ones assume the roles of rail tycoons, who are in a race to connect as many destinations as possible. You do that by claiming train routes and packing them with the included colourful model trains. 
Considerable effort has been put into the contents of every box containing a Ticket to Ride game, from the model trains and detailed map artwork on the boards, to the lavish train tickets and player cards that help you make your journeys. These are games that don’t just feel great to play; they feel great to hold. 
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to share a journey of discovery, explore the world together, and take to the rails! Because Ticket to Ride is the perfect adventure game for the adventure that is being part of a family.