Spot it! - The smash-hit party game, where you twin it to win it!

Remember the card game Snap? Well, what if you took Snap, made it faster, more fun, cooler to play and great for up to eight people? If you did, you might reinvent the smash-hit party game, Spot It


This extraordinary card game is easy to play but hard to do justice here. You really need to see the laughter it causes with friends, families and colleagues… Yes, colleagues! It turns out some companies love Spot It so much they use it to break the ice and warm up meeting rooms. So what’s the big idea? In a nutshell: twin the symbol, win the card.

Twin the Symbol, Win the Card

So… Each card in the deck of 55 has eight symbols on it. They’re pictures of animals, signs and objects. You have to find the matching symbols on any two cards. But there’s a catch to finding the match… Every card has one symbol – and only one – in common with every other card. So finding matching symbols is easier said than done!

Ways to Play

Spot It comes with five ways to play, but – in a basic game – each of you takes one card and holds it so that you can ALL see the faces. When the round starts, you race to name the only symbol on your card that twins one on the top card of the deck… When you do that before anyone else, you win the card. Twin it to win it!

Why’s it SO Popular?

There are several reasons that Spot It has sold over 20-million games all over the world. Not least of these is its great simplicity. Spot It is the kind of game you can learn in a moment but play for a lifetime. That’s no exaggeration… You can start to play straight away, and never tire of Spot It.

Need for Speed

A second reason it’s so popular is its frantic pace. In Spot It, the aim of the game often demands a need for speed as well as observation. This means young children love the game as much as adults… It suits all ages from six up. It also helps, of course, that Spot It is one of those games in which everyone plays at once. No one ever gets bored waiting their turn. One round of Spot It lasts a few seconds while a whole game lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

Lots of People

While your brain’s making connections between the symbols, you’re making connections with people too. Spot It is a sociable game in which you interact with everyone that plays. No doubt this is why it’s used by everyone from babysitters, parents, and actors to trainers, coaches, and teachers…

Other Uses

On top of everything else, Spot It also has educational value. The way you play gives you a great mental workout, and promotes cognitive development. Worth noting, too, that occupational and speech therapists recommend the game to patients. Finally, Spot It makes a fantastic travel game. This is thanks to the fact it comes in a sturdy round tin. If you’re packing a bag, you can just grab the tin and throw it in. It’s always ready to go!

Expanding the Idea

Two inventors get credit for turning the maths behind Spot It into a fast-pace race… Jacques Cottereau and Denis Blanchot. It’s unlikely they could imagine the resulting merriment, mayhem and more. Even so, their idea has inspired a range of other titles. They include Frozen II, Harry Potter and Disney Princess editions. There are many more, though. These include Food, Fantasy and Kids versions for ages as young as three – as well as a waterproof one for the beach. So: whether you start with the original or a spin off, remember… You have to twin it to win it!