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Board games for large groups are your key to a successful and entertaining game night party.

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Werewolves of Millers Hollow

Looking for a good, hidden werewolf game to set the mood for your next board game night?

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Board games for 10 players, as well as 7-player board games and 8-player board games, give you the ammunition you need, to host a fun and exciting gathering when all those invited can actually join in the fun! If you can get 10 of your favourite people squeezed in around the sitting room table, you’ve already achieved something big. Next, decide which of these board games for 10 players to bring out first. Are your fellow party-goers in the mood for a little intrigue and suspense? Created with larger groups in mind, Codenames sets the tone for a mysterious evening. In this game of suspense, act as spymasters and work with your teams to reveal the names of your 25 secret agents, but don’t forget to keep an eye out for the sneaky assassin! Perhaps your clan wants to take the evening in a more worldly direction. We all know that amidst any group of fun-loving acquaintances, there are usually at least a few world history buffs…or at least a few who claim to be. Test their knowledge, as well as your own, in a memory-testing challenge in a game of Timeline, where players race to be the first to correctly place interesting world event cards in the correct order on a timeline. Feeling like taking a creative approach to your game night? Try out the creative thinking game of Concept, which is a perfect party game for a larger group. In the Concept board game, teams place tokens on a large board covered in icons, and hope their teammates can guess the concept by looking at the icons. This isn’t a comprehensive list of the best and most thrilling games out there for large groups. See more suggestions below for more large group, 7-player board games and 8-player board games that will earn you the title of Game Night Host/Hostess of the Year!