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Exciting 5 to 6-player board games make entertaining family and friends a cinch.

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Dive into a round of the HINT game with your friends and family and get ready for plenty of laughter while connecting with one another by humming, miming, talking and drawing.

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Board game geeks in groups of 5 or 6 players will revel in this expansive collection of incredibly entertaining games. Want to get everyone’s brains jump-started and energy pumping? Well then, start game time off with a fun, fast-paced word game challenge, by challenging your opponents in the Bananagrams word game. Earn the title of “Top Banana” by being the first word-nerd to use all your letter tiles by creating words. And the fun doesn’t stop there! An entire collection of games for groups of children and adults is available for you to discover, that encourage creative thinking and teamwork. Other games recommended for gatherings of five people include the world-renowned, incredible 7 Wonders board game and Carcassonne. In 7 Wonders, players build, conquer and strategise to lead their city to greatness in an ancient world. The Carcassonne board game transports players back to medieval France in a setting where players shape the French landscape around a medieval town by establishing fields, acquiring monasteries and building roads. The list of great board games for 6 people undoubtedly includes the epic Codenames board game, that challenges your skills as a spymaster, as you and your team follow clues to guess the names of your teams’ agents, all while avoiding the sneaky assassin! If climbing aboard a ship is more your speed, call ye pirate mates around the Jamaica board game, where you and your shipmates will sail around Jamaica, gathering loot, food and gun powder! Want to find out how well your opponents paid attention in history class? Then, the Timeline board game is your go-to fun game that challenges players to place cards about interesting world events correctly on a timeline! These board games for gatherings of 5 or 6 players reveal just the tip of the game night iceberg. Check out the multitude of other games perfect for quality time together, whether your group is looking for mystery, suspense, fast-paced brain games, creative fun or straight up adventure!