Fun and Funny Party Games for Easter

Often, Easter weekend’s a time when friends can get together and enjoy a bit of fun… Hiding chocolate eggs in the garden, say, or finding them reduced in the shops. This year, things could be a little muted for some. If restrictions permit where you are, though, here’s a teaser/taster of some party games you might want to try. Teaser/taster is an anagram of Easter treats, by the way. Surely this must be a sign?!

Just One

Which word links the following? Bunny. Sunday. Egg. Island. If you said Easter, well done: take the rest of the day off! This is the idea of Just One: everyone except you knows a target word. To help you guess it, they each secretly write down their own one-word clue. But there’s a catch… If two or more people write the same word, they have to rub it out! You’ll soon find you’re taxing your mind as you each choose clues that are helpful… But not too obvious! Excellent for friends and family; also great for team building.

Jungle Speed

There’s a need for speed in this fast-pace race to match the cards – and snatch the totem! You also need a steady hand in a game that virtually guarantees you get the giggles. Easy to learn and play, Jungle Speed tests your observation, dexterity and reflexes. Always a hit; perfect for large families with a range of different-aged children. Suits up to 10 players. Age 7+.

Jungle Speed

Are your brains ready to have your reflexes and observation skills tested?
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Time’s Up!

When did sand timers end up being used more for playing games than cooking eggs?! Time’s Up is a say-the-name game with a sand timer – and a twist. You have 30 seconds and three rounds to help your team guess the most cards. With quick-fire clues and guesses, your team needs to identify as many famous historical or fictional characters as they can. The twist? In the first round you play, you get to say a whole sentence as a clue. In the next, it’s just one word… In the third round, you can’t make a sound! Fast, funny fun for everyone.

Exploding Kittens

Best board games for Easter? Never mind that… Exploding Kittens is one of the best board games – period! The hugely popular plot asks you to get rid of a lot of quirkily drawn playing cards. Simple! But wait… As soon as you pick up an exploding kitten, you blow up, die, and are out of the game. Unless, that is, you still have your Defuse Card. And there’s more: each card shows a curious cat and an act that has an effect on your opponents. Skip turns, sneak a look at the deck, attack others… Exploding Kittens is a truly terrific game for sneaky parents and cheeky children. A great board game for kids, families and adults. Ages 7 and up.

Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow

Are there any titles that really are Easter themed board games? Not that we can think of, no. But here’s a contender for the most-tenuous-connection award… The dates for Easter are worked out based on when the moon is full. And, of course, a full moon means werewolves. Fact. Not that we need this flimsy excuse to put Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow on our list… It’s just a great game!

Werewolves of Millers Hollow

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The plot is simple: there’s big trouble in the little village of Miller’s Hollow. At its simplest, one of you plays a villager that’s secretly a werewolf. Other players assume the roles of the less carnivorous residents: sheriff, hunter, witch, fortune teller, etc. Rounds of play alternate between day and night… And when conditions are right, the werewolf strikes again!

Can the villagers pick up on clues and work out who’s a werewolf? Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is a social game that needs no additional equipment to play. It accommodates almost any large group. An outstanding game for anyone that likes deduction, fun, laughter and secretly being a wolf. Happy Easter!