Best board games of all time

Climb Aboard for an Adventure with Ticket to Ride

If you haven’t yet discovered the epic Ticket to Ride board game, the time is now. TTR is one of the most world-renowned board games, sending players on an adventure across 20th century North America via railway lines! Once you experience the engaging game play, beautiful game board, and endless replayability of TTR, you’ll understand why it is considered one of the best board games of all time. Created for 2-5 players age 8 years and older, Ticket to Ride challenges players to collect railcards and strategise which iconic cities across the continent they’ll connect via railway lines. Gather the family around the sitting room table and decide if you’ll take a journey to New York City…or perhaps San Francisco! Strategise wisely to exchange your railcards for coloured railcar pieces, which you’ll place on the beautifully illustrated game board in order to complete your railway lines. The player who successfully completes the most, or longest, railway lines wins the game! Ticket to Ride is a family friendly board game that provides endless replayability, fun strategic play, and an adventure across the North American landscape. For your next family board game night, gather your loved ones and get ready to climb aboard!

Head to Carcassonne On Your Next Board Game Night

Carcassonne is undoubtedly one of the best board games around, sending players back in time to the medieval city of Carcassonne in southern France, as they compete to build up the surrounding landscape. In this award-winning board game, players are challenged to most successfully develop their area of the landscape around the fortified city of Carcassonne. Strategically place your tiles depicting different aspects such as fields, roads, farms and so on, in a way that best completes your territory. In this fun strategy-based game created for 2-5 players age 8 years and older, players must apply tactical thinking, as they decide whether to place a tile that may increase the size of their territory, or instead use a tile in a way that thwarts a rival’s efforts to build up their own area. You’ll delight in the colourful gameboard that grows as players add tiles on each turn. The Carcassonne board game offers a fun challenge set in a time and place that sends the imagination soaring. It’s easy to learn and also quick to set up, so take a mental escape with your friends and family for your next board game gathering by heading to Carcassonne.

Race to Save the World With Your Team in Pandemic

If you’re searching for the best board games of all time, look no further than Pandemic. Rely on true cooperation as you and your teammates act as a team of disease fighting specialists who race around the globe to save humanity from disease outbreaks. One of the best cooperative play games out there, the Pandemic board game presents your team with a need to coordinate your efforts and rely on each member’s role on the team, in order to succeed. Strategising together is the only chance you have, to effectively get ahead of the outbreaks, develop cures, and contain and eradicate the diseases before all of mankind is wiped out. The fate of mankind depends on your team’s ability to successfully work together! What better way to connect with your friends and family and share wonderful quality time, than to cooperate as an elite team on a mission to save the world?

Match the Illustration With the Story in Dixit

Discover the magic of storytelling with an imaginative round of Dixit, the game that challenges players to match illustrations with stories told. Dixit is a creative and wonderful game that can be played at a leisurely pace, making it perfect for a cosy and relaxing night at home with friends and family. To play Dixit, each player holds a hand of beautifully illustrated cards and takes turns being the storyteller. When it’s your turn to be the storyteller, you get to select one of your cards (without showing the other players), and invent a one-sentence story inspired by the illustration. The other players then select one card from their own hands that they feel best represent the storyteller’s tale. All cards, including the inspiration card, are placed on the center of the table for all to see. The person to correctly guess which of the cards is the actual inspiration behind the story, wins the round. Dixit plays at a leisurely pace, providing a wonderful way to relax and let your imagination and creativity take the reins. A wonderful departure from fast-paced board games, this one is a must-have for a quiet board game night at home.

Settle the Untamed Island of Catan

Adventure seekers, come together around an exciting game of The Settlers of Catan! One of the most famous board games of all time, CATAN transports players to a wild and untamed island where you and your opponents compete to develop the most successful settlement on the island in order to claim victory. Add CATAN, one of the best board games of all time to your game collection, and you won’t be disappointed. To play The Settlers of CATAN, 3-4 players age 10 years and older set upon the untamed island and compete to be the first settler to build up their settlements and cities, develop the biggest armies, and construct the longest roads. CATAN boasts a colourfully illustrated game board and illustrated player cards that feed the imagination and encourage you to be fully engrossed in the natural landscape of the island frontier. This imaginative strategy game has been translated into 30 languages and is one of the most popular board games in recent history. Explore the wild Island of CATAN at your next board game night and set off on a fun and memorable adventure!

Test Your Visual Reflexes in a Round of Dobble

Energise your board game gathering with the fast-paced and exciting Dobble game! Created for 2-8 players age 7 years and older, Dobble is a fast-paced card matching game that’s perfect for players of all ages. Get your reflexes ready to act fast when you stack up the 55 cards, each with varying colourful images on one side, and race to be the first player to find the matching image between the two cards. The first person to spot the only matching image and call it out, wins the cards. Laughter and suspense reign supreme in this exciting game that takes only around 15 minutes to play a few rounds. Enjoy the replayability of Dobble, with the multiple game strategies you can try. Dobble also comes in a small, round container, making it easy to bring along with you to gathering and outings. If you’re seeking some of the best board games of all time, the well-known and ever-exciting game of Dobble should certainly join your board game family.

Journey Back in Time with 7 Wonders

The 7 Wonders board game is hands-down one of the best board games of all time. In this epic game, you and your board game crew take a journey through time to lead one of the world’s 7 ancient cities to greatness. A game of cunning and strategy, 7 Wonders challenges you to defeat your opponents by building, conquering and strategising in order to lead your ancient city to supremacy. You’ll have to outsmart your opponents as you navigate through three ages of ancient civilization, each with new adventures and challenges in store. Enjoy tracking the progress of your great cities on individual player boards boasting beautiful art, where players track their cards and coins. Created for 3 to 7 players, age years 10 and older, the epic 7 Wonders board game is guaranteed to bring suspense and excitement to your next board game night.