Best board games for kids

Bring Adventure Home With Good Board Games for Kids

Children’s board games have the uncanny ability to capture kids’ attention and provide them with adventures and challenges that bring endless fun! Explore this collection of popular board games for kids and pick one…or a few…that you think the kids will enjoy. The best board games for kids offer quality time spent with friends and family, and also bring the added benefits of increased learning of social skills, cognitive thinking and creativity, to name just a few. With a stash of good board games in the cupboard, you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice for family game night, or for a great activity for the children to enjoy with one another that doesn’t involve electronics. There’s something to be said for high-quality, low-tech entertainment that gets the children’s (and adults’) imagination and brains working together.

Relax and Enjoy Family Time With Kids’ Board Games

Discover the joy of amazing kids’ board games right here in this collection. Whether you plan game night ahead of time and reserve that sacred time aside, or you and the family find an extra 30 minutes by happenstance, make the most of it by diving into a fun board game together. Great games for the youngest of players include Concept Kids and My First Carcassonne, both created for players age 4 years and older. Concept Kids is intended for 2-12 players, which makes it a great option for a small family board game session, and also for a get-together with loads of children. In this cooperative and playful version of the original game, kids get to guess other players’ favourite animals, but only by using selected icons on the game board. No other hints are allowed! It’s a fun game that plays in around 20 minutes, and the kids tend to love the animal kingdom theme. My First Carcassonne is a playful version of the famous original, that’s been crafted for the youngsters. 2-4 players can play a round in just 15 minutes, during which they journey to the Renaissance era town of Carcassonne! Kids (and adults, too) will delight as they race to catch the animals that have been set loose within the town for the festival! Either of these wonderful board games provide the perfect centerpiece around which the family can gather together to play, laugh, and make lasting memories.

Popular Board Games for Kids That Get Their Brains Buzzing

Cortex Kids is a super-charged board game for kids that tests their memory, critical thinking, and speed skills. Talk about getting those brains buzzing! Players are challenged in 8 different ways in this children’s version of the original game. All players, whether children or adults, are presented with brain-stimulating challenges involving colour puzzles, mazes, touch tests, logic, and more! Cortex Kids is created for 2-6 players, age 6 years and older, with a play duration of around 15 minutes. So much happens during just 15 minutes of exciting game play! 

Discover Chromino next, and keep giving that brain a workout! This kids’ board game involves loads of colourful dominoes which must be placed the right way, in order to match 2 or 3 colours. This is a fun game of strategy that pulls on the brain’s observation skills, created for 2-8 players, age 7 years and older. In just around 30 minutes of play time, you’ll strive to be the one to place all of your Chrominoes first!

Check out Gang of Four, a strategy game created for 3-4 players age 8 years and older. This suspenseful board game takes place in the backstreets of Hong Kong. Kids will love this intense strategy game that challenges players to play their cards right in order to survive! 

The list of popular board games for kids undoubtedly should include Ticket to Ride: First Journey. Created as a wonderful introduction to the Ticket to Ride series, First Journey is designed for 2-4 players, age 6 years and older, and plays in around 20 minutes. In Ticket to Ride: First Journey, players collect railcards and play them strategically in order to build railway lines to connect iconic cities across Europe. Grab your railcards and hop aboard!

Combine Children’s Board Games With Storytime!

Rory’s Story Cubes is a wonderful game that combines board play with the art of storytelling. What a fun combination! This is one of the lovely kids’ board games that helps build communication skills and self confidence. To play, 2-12 players, age 6 years and older, take turns rolling the story cubes that are decorated with an image on each side, and then create a story inspired by those images. It’s a wonderful game that encourages children (and grown-ups too, of course) to let their imaginations soar, and also helps develop communication through the fun challenge of telling a story to others, although it can even be played solitary as well. Small and portable, with a play duration of around 20 minutes, Rory’s Story Cubes can be taken along with you and the family, to provide easy and fun entertainment just about anywhere.

Create Your Dream Home While Playing Kids’ Board Games

Create your dream home whilst playing the Dream Home board game with your children. You can actually do both at once! In this imaginative board game created for 2-4 players, age 7 years and older, players get to show off their decorating savvy while competing to build, design and decorate the best home in town. Throughout the game, each player adds onto their house, designs functional rooms, and even decorates the rooms in their favourite motifs. The player who ends up with the most functional and dreamy home wins the game. Children may enjoy playing on their own together, or grown-ups can join in to design and create their dream homes, too!

Set Sail on Game Night With Explore the Seas! Catan: Junior

One of the best board games for kids is Explore the Seas! Catan: Junior. In this epic children’s version of the original Catan board game, players age 6 years and older set sail on an adventure around a ring of islands, searching for hideouts and building ships. Kids and grown-ups alike will delight in the challenge of finding resources on the islands, discovering hideouts and avoiding the Ghost Captain who lives on Spooky Island! Be the first player with 7 hideouts and you’ll win the game! Catan Junior has a play duration of around 30 minutes, making it perfect as the main focus of your family game time, or possibly just one of a few adventures your family will dive into during a longer, more involved game night together.