Include educational board games in your family time together, and you’ll be amazed at the benefits and fun enjoyed by all!

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Embark on a history-rich journey with the Timeline game!

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Sharpen your mind with educational board games created with both kids and adults in mind! Extending learning outside of the classroom has never been easier or more exciting, than with these spectacular games. With varying lengths of play, and games for all interests, it’s both amusing and easy to add an aspect of learning to your child’s day. Board games promote learning and help children focus…all while participating in healthy competition and learning the importance of good sportsmanship. Start by bringing the family together to work on teams giving unique clues to teammates in order to guess the mystery word, in a brainstorming game of Just One, a brilliant game that promotes cooperation. Try playing the imaginative game of Rory’s Story Cubes either solitary or in a group. Grab the dice, roll them to reveal a set of images, and create your own story inspired by the images. This is a fantastic game that fosters improvisation and problem solving as well. Encourage learning outside of the school setting by making it fun! Bring out the Timeline board game and watch as the kids (and adults, too) compete to place cards representing important and interesting world events in their correct places on a timeline. Don’t you wish learning world history were this fun when you were young? Try teaming up with a partner and challenging your mind with the Concept board game, offering versions created for both kids and grown-ups alike! Concept offers the original version, as well as a variety fashioned for the youngsters, in Concept Kids. In this game that challenges your brain with association and vocabulary, players are tasked with guessing words that are represented only by icons on the game board. Let’s admit it – no matter how grown up we are, we could all use more education in our lives. Bring learning into your sitting room and make it a part of a special family game night, with any of these amazing educational board games. You will all have so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re learning along the way.