Creative board games are the passport to discovering one’s creative potential, encourage brain development and refresh your creative mind.

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Enter a dreamlike world, whilst playing Dixit, the beautifully illustrated storytelling card game.

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Connect with friends and family with a collection of creative board games that call on you to use your brain differently than the requirements of the daily grind. Board games such as Concept, Mysterium and Braintopia are a few of the fun and exciting creativity-inducing games waiting for you! Are you tired of poring over documents or attending staff meetings all week? Are the children drained from the daily routine of schoolwork and studying? Now is the moment to pull your loved ones together and give your brains a breath of fresh air with some amazing, creative board games! Challenge yourselves with a game of Concept, the game that calls on you to guess concepts by looking at colorful icons selected on the game board by your teammate. Look at the icons and guess what concept they represent. What a fun way to tap into your creativity and enjoy the intensity of friendly competition! Are you in the mood for a spooky experience? If so, dive into a world of ghostly puzzlement, with the Mysterium board game. Your mind will be transported to a place of mystery, where you will be required to rely on your creative side to solve the game. Taking place in Scotland, players are tasked with solving a century-old murder mystery! This creative game invites players to role play as mediums who have the ability to communicate with a certain ghost haunting a dwelling, through the use of illustrated cards, to gain enough clues and solve the mystery. Creative board games have the wonderful ability to refresh the mind and bring loads of fun to friends and family gatherings. Remarkable things can happen when your brain is called on to work in new and creative ways. Get your brains buzzing and create cherished memories while gathering around the game board. Who knows what creative genius your friends and family will end up demonstrating? You may even surprise yourselves and each other!